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Going Green is all about pursuing knowledge and putting it into practice so that we can lead more environmentally friendly lifestyles and make more ecologically responsible decisions.

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Earth & Clay

Earth & Clay is a charming landscaping and renovations business. Their website is designed by Jules Web Studio and is based in Algarve Portugal. I helped them with their technical SEO strategy, and look forward to the continuous cooperation with Jules Web Studio on this and future projects.


A mortgage advisor business based in Israel. Their services include, mortgage or new mortgage recycling, loan or all-purpose loan recycling, loan consolidation, and legal services. I am implementing local SEO and PPC services for them. (Their website is in Hebrew)


FishMarket are Importers of ornamental fish from around the world , based in Israel. I am implementing local SEO and PPC services for them. (Their website is in Hebrew).

Kiryat HaEtz

A family owned Carpentry business based in Carmiel Israel. This was a full project which needed to be done from building the website to implementation of the SEO strategy the company required. The results are pleasing and I continue to provide them with my services and guidance for local SEO and PPC. (Their website is in Hebrew.)


Home Design, Décor & Styling for Life is site is a full project. A new website and implementation of a SEO strategy. The results are amazing and I continue to provide my services and guidance for USA SEO and PPC.

Ecotech Windows & Doors

Ecotech Window & Doors is based in San Diego USA. I am implementing web optimization, local (USA) SEO, PPC.

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Online Business based in Israel . Freelance SEO.

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